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Architectural Panels: Perfect for Designers, Architects and General Contractors

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From 3D wall panels to metal fence panels and more, we design panels for your needs!


Today the words “Architectural Panel” is a loose term to describe a perforated or otherwise decorative laser-cut panel used as either a simple eye-pleasing feature or a purpose-driven panel. These panels provide shade, wind break, or simply an architectural feature. Designers and Contractors are finding more and more uses for these simple, yet ornamental and useful panels because of their flexibility and ease of design. Typically made from some variety of metal with limitless design and installation characteristics, architectural panels have become a valuable design feature in commercial and residential projects.


Landscape + Exterior

Freestanding or mounted on a masonry wall. Flat or radius. Outdoor architectural panels can enhance and add bold design ideas in landscaping and hardscape projects. Panels are available in a wide variety of material types and thicknesses. Applications to fit any project need.


Shade + Wind Screening

A beautiful but yet effective way to provide valuable shade and/or wind protection. Elevated on a structural framework system or built into the wall structure. Incorporate our panels as needed and customize every aspect of the panel design.


Door + Window + Skylights

Often added to increase security. Always an eye-pleasing design feature, architectural window inserts are a fast and easy design feature that will please your most particular client. Fixed attachment, removable, or hinged…select the most convenient mounting method for the application.


Fencing + Gates + Security

Rugged railing inserts with safety in mind or full structure assemblies; the options on sizing, design, and finish are almost limitless. With lengths of nearly 10 feet long, these panels incorporate easily into many areas.


Booth + Room Dividers

Booth privacy dividers in restaurants. Cubicle extensions in office settings. Full-height room partitions. These artistic panels serve as crucial function as they beautify a space at the same time. Adding multiple layers gives a 3D design while setting the project apart from the ordinary.


Railing + Guardrails

Rustic log cabin designs to art-deco inserts…these panel components can be used in residential and commercial applications while elegantly meeting safety codes and requirements. Add company branding for stand-out recognition.


Gobos + Lighting

When nature doesn’t provide the lighting or shadows desired, raise the bar and design your environmental features with lighting panels for the ambiance intended. Whether incorporating subtle pinecone patterns into exterior sconces or adding art-deco inserts into ceiling lighting panels…see how easy it is to add this dramatic touch to lighting everywhere.

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